Collection: David Propp

About David (according to his little sister, Karen)

David is loathe to talk about himself, so I’ll attempt a proper introduction.

Family tradition says that David fell in love with art, and the surrealists more specifically, on a visit to the Basel Museum in Switzerland when he was 14. It is fair to say he has been obsessed ever since.

I have fond memories of painting long-legged elephants and flaming giraffes (IYKYK) with him when I was a child. David LIVES his art and has encyclopedic knowledge about historical figures (particularly the deranged ones), artists and art history, as well as other miscellany (insects, literature, etc). He can repeat obscure poems and lyrics from memory (although I suspect he makes some of it up on the fly).

His artwork is meticulous and detailed. You will notice recurring themes and motifs.  Each piece has a story that he will gladly share.

You can view the full available portfolio on his website,
Viewer beware, some may find some of the content vulgar or offensive and certainly not safe for work!